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8707 Leo St - 78745

Two super modern homes each sitting on 1/4 acre. Stucco, wood floors throughout, 8’ tall doors, high end cabinets and appliances.

Unit A is 2,520 sq ft on two floors. Master and en suite guest room on first floor. Two car garage.

Unit B is 1,100 sq ft on one story consisting of 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. 1.5 car garage.

About Drew Homes

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To build homes and communities that people love. Real livable homes with space to stretch out and amenities that real people want. Too many builders are designing small "apartment" style living with cookie cutter amenities. We are not out to build large extravagant homes, but those in which we can live efficiently. Homes that will grow with you. Homes that will last a lifetime.

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